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Words cannot describe the benefits of assisting your child through their early stages in life, and what better way to develop their skills and personality than through sports, exercise and fitness equipment. The following examples are in no such order, as any sort of outdoor fitness equipment is brilliant for your child's strength and wellbeing. Here are a couple of the best outdoor fitness equipment for children.

Outdoor jungle Gym

An outdoor gym is a great way to start off, as it normally provides a multitude of things, such as monkey bars, climbing frames and pull up stations. This varies with whatever type you choose to get. With this set there is potential for all sorts of activities, which target different muscle groups. Most importantly it provides a lot of variations so your child is unlikely to get bored.

Children arm and pedal bike

This piece of fitness equipment is great for advancing children’s hand-eye coordination, it combines the benefits of cycling with arm exercises so the child has their full-body workout, whilst also helping to improve their balance and overall stamina. It can be tricky to exercise numerous muscles at the same time, but over time the child will see some great results.

Children seated leg press

This seated leg press is specifically designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance in children. It is also one of the more sociable pieces of gym equipment as it has two seats for two children to play together. Once both the children are seated, they use their feet to push down on the frame, pushing their legs straight and repeating the action, each time a little longer. This exercise works the calves, thighs and glutes. Children will enjoy working in pairs, and sitting opposite each other will only encourage them to exercise more.

Sit up benches and step up benches.

Now this piece of equipment can be used by anyone, and is great for anyone! Doing sit ups is really effective for your abdominal muscles and your upper thighs. Also if the bench is high enough off the floor, it can also be used to do step ups. This is an activity where you step up onto the piece of equipment with each leg, then step back off the equipment leg by leg. This exercise is extremely good for all of your muscles in your lower body, especially your glutes, calves and hamstrings.

Wooden wobble beam

The wooden wobble beam is a great item to link playground equipment together or as a stand alone item. It provides a challenge that tests a child’s balance and composure. For young kids particularly, enhancing their balance and coordination is a big step in their development. This item is great also if you were wanting to create an assault course as it is tricky but it is also lots of fun!


Now this is where outdoor fitness for kids gets really fun. Jumping on a trampoline helps your child's brain to develop, and also gives them strong lungs and a strong heart. It keeps their heart rate up and helps them to lose weight and burn calories. Also children jumping on a trampoline improves all their muscles, especially their cardiovascular muscle.Trampolines are one of my childhood favourites and I’m sure many others. I have lots of fond memories of playing fun games and bouncing on the trampoline with my friends. It can also be really fun for adults too if its a big enough trampoline.

Monkey bars

Monkey bars are a great way of building upper body and core strength. They may be fairly tricky for your child to complete at first, but hard work and dedication will see that they make it to the end of this, fun and challenging obstacle. Monkey bars can be used by adults too, so its lots of enjoyment and a great way to bond with your child/pupil and teach patience.

Punching bags

If your kid needs to blow off some anger then maybe this is the best option. This is a great cardiovascular workout and it is especially good for the child's coordination. Punching a punching bag is a good way to focus your child's energy, and could be a gateway into boxing as a sport or any other combat sport that requires similar skills.

By investing in just one of these pieces of outdoor fitness equipment you and your child/children will reap the rewards for a while to come. Also parents who engage in these activities set a good example for their young ones, and it's a chance to stay fit together. Encouragement of use of the equipment and providing them with the motivation goes hand in hand along side of limiting TV and phone time.

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