And the best way to ensure that a year from now you ll be looking back on your performance with satisfaction and pride is to plan now and often. Young men are desired in these places because of their progressive ideas and capacity to endure work.' Another prominent man who interviewed the heads of several large firms writes in a recent periodical as follows: 'It is not with these firms a question of salary; it is a question of securing the highest skill with the most perfect reliability. And when they're done, they just get another ditch to dig. Intrinsic motivation can be furthered by employers by designing jobs to best suit employees, aggregating tasks in appealing ways, enlarging worker responsibilities, and increasing employee control over their own duties.

Hard work helps to turn dreams into reality

You don't need a PhD, a master's degree, or even an undergraduate college degree to succeed in business thanks to the knowledge you can pick up on your own through mentors, experience, and plenty of reading. Track these calls and see how many convert to actual customers. If you have something to offer that is not on the market, this is a major selling point or competitive edge. Others are successful small-business owners who have made a bundle with their own entrepreneurial efforts and are now interested in letting their money work for them in someone else s venture.

Taking care of your Marketing team

A good salesperson will even talk a customer out of making a wrong purchase, because in the long run the customer will respect the salesperson's honesty and may become a repeat customer. Each team member must know what is expected and what systems must be followed before starting work. Be absolutely honest. Interaction provides the vehicle for the business manager to exploit his own company s resources for advantage, to capitalise on the resources of counterparts and, importantly, to enable counterparts to capitalise on the company s own resources.

Step out of the history that is holding you back

Track them. By offering something more, unique, value-added, or different, you can set your company apart. As the weak businesses disappear, they leave in their place an opportunity for newer, stronger competitors to surface. Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, for instance, has been high on the agenda of policy makers in the hope of promoting economic development and progress.

Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not

Everyone likes to poke fun at the government (hey, what are governments for, anyway?). Don't be fooled. Using heuristics to guide choices is effective when those heuristics are based on prior experience and are thus the result of experiential learning. Your goal is to generate the highest return on your marketing money.

What are your fixed and variable costs?

The cost structure is like the architect's plan of a building ' simple to tweak when the plans are just a drawing on a piece of paper and the building doesn't yet exist, a nightmare to change when the building is half built. Finally, organisations will need to engage in monitoring the relationship costs and benefits. Remember, it is much easier to find skilled people in various aspects of business than it is to learn everything yourself. The bad news about recessions is that consumers are wary buyers in recessions, and wary buyers mean low margins, and low margins usually mean low profits.