Six different excellent and experienced people will still do things six different ways. Leading and getting results starts with communicating your vision, along with specific targets you expect. Following the above lines, and adding thereto good health and steady habits, you cannot fail to be promoted and to rise to the highest position of responsibility, if not even to actual partnership in the firm. Do you wish your employees were as good as you?

Creating a Culture of Excellence in Production

Before every play in football, the team huddles up to discuss what they're going to do next, making sure everyone knows their role and what they're expected to do. While there is an element of truth in the last theory, the second one seems the truest explanation of general wages; certain it is that no monopoly power of labor, however great, could permanently maintain wages at a level higher than the actual produce of labor. Interaction is not confined to communication, negotiation and agreements between individual managers. A sales manager can redirect the activities of salespeople immediately, and an accounting manager can make immediate changes in bookkeeping practices.

Payment and invoicing procedures

Profit is the return for the risk you take in business. Communities, as well as people, are subject to fads, and your idea may be yesterday s fad. Follow the agenda and stay on subject. Instead of spending all your time with weak people, spend time with your best team players who make you the most money.

Passion is the genesis of genius

When accountable and responsible people achieve great results, they need to be thanked and rewarded. Now is a good time to free-associate a little bit let your mind roam, exploring every avenue that you would like your business to go down. You currently try to let your people do their best, but you don't have a process in place to show them what you want, train them to do it properly, follow up, and make them accountable. Because if your venture can survive in the bad times when every order is an order hard won, just think how it will fly in the good times when customers seek you out rather than the other way round.

You build on failure

People want to do business with people they know. An essential part of this is getting to know more about existing and prospective vendors and clients. Fixed-cost overheads are bad news for start-ups hoping to do without money. Interdependences that characterise business relationships make value measurement and appropriation problematic.

Unwrapping Strategy

To get a signed contract or order for your company's services or to sell products, you first find a sales lead or customer who needs what you offer. Values are created in relationships because resources are combined through relationships. Remember the old saying 'Measure twice, cut once'? Even great head football coaches don't call their own plays.