Without depreciation, an organization's financial picture can be distorted: The entire cost of a piece of equipment with a life expectancy of 25 years would be expensed in the year it was purchased, which could make the company appear highly unprofitable that year and inordinately profitable in subsequent years. Stick to facts. Sound financial planning isn't about faithfully balancing your checkbook or investing in stocks based on a friend's tip. This allows customers to chart your course.

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Your plan shows how you will get from here to there. A salary of $50,000 a year as president of a railroad or manufacturing company at first sight seems exorbitant; but the payment of such a salary usually means pure business. The great thing is to make people buy your goods. Profit is not owner's compensation.

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For example, you may not have a multimillion-dollar business in ten years if you are trying to start and run a small family business. Keeping customers is all about doing a good job and meeting your customers' expectations and contractual requirements. The accounting calculations and measurements are not a neutral model of the activated resources, but are the outcome of complex constellations of management choices. A retailer isn t much like a manufacturer, and a professional-services firm isn t much like a fast-food restaurant.

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Your business should solve a problem, make life easier, expedite a process, or even simply entertain, but you need to be selling something to have a business. For instance, say your mission statement says that you intend to produce the best-in-the-world example of your product no matter what the cost. Procuring and maintaining adequate capital is crucial for businesses. Others grow to two men and a truck.

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Common stockholders elect a board of directors to oversee the company's management, and are usually paid a dividend if the company is profitable. As you can see, there are many ways to invest in your future and generate wealth. Selling via retailers and via your own website, for example. Others may show how seemingly minor tweaks can produce outsized improvements in sales or profitability.

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Too, an ad campaign that features different information in different ads may reach more customers, as those who overlook one ad might respond positively to a different ad for the same product. Some owners have organization and time management problems. Financial ratios reveal a company's performance over time (longitudinal analysis) or in comparison to competitors (cross-sectional analysis). Business plans have a lot of elements in common, such as cash-flow projections and marketing plans.