This assumes that you have income or revenue and have collected it. If the laborer has really earned the premium, say labor leaders, why not add it to his wages instead of adopting this roundabout method. You have no business running your own business. In fact, when confronted with the kind of growth projection required to interest a venture capitalist, a banker may be turned off.

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A mission statement is a sentence or two describing the company s function, market, competitive advantages, and the business goals and philosophies. Create and distribute an agenda three to seven days in advance. Without systems in place, you are at the mercy of your people, managers, employees, and supervisors to do a good job. An especially fast growing company with rapidly increasing sales might be chronically short of cash.

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Depreciation is an accounting artifice that spreads the cost of long-term assets, such as buildings, vehicles, and equipment, over their expected useful lives. Expediting your plan. The objective is more than to keep the work flow moving. The choice is yours!

The competitive pricing approach looks at what your rivals in the marketplace charge

Inventory, accounts receivable, equipment, physical plant, employees ' you name the cash-draining asset, and most manufacturers have gotta have it. In the following sections, we present many of these reasons. Install accurate financial systems, accurate estimating and pricing systems, and cost controls. You have little chance of fooling one of them with an overly optimistic or even downright dishonest plan.

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You pride yourself on quality workmanship and on-time completion at a fair price by providing full value and full service. Yelling doesn't work. Make a decision to do more than work on your business. If you are answering letters for the firm, answer them briefly but completely.

Remember, your competitive edge can support your prices

Bankers, at the other end of the scale, are likely to offer no advice whatsoever as long as you make payments of principal and interest on time and are not in violation of any other terms of your loan. What sales team, distribution channels, customer base, contacts, or locations does your company have that would add value to another company, product, or service? Ordinarily this would be a given and not necessarily a matter of grave concern. In fact, often it s more prudent to show that you are not spending money on full-timers that you don t need.