The choice is yours! Business planning can take on a life of its own. The vast majority of small-business owners we know provide products or services quite similar to what's already in the marketplace and make reasonable but not extraordinary sums of money ' and, thanks largely to the independence that small-business ownership offers, are perfectly happy doing so! If, for example, you have 12 patents, your sales manager had five years of 30 percent annual sales gains, and you personally oversaw the grand openings of 42 stores in 11 months, this is the stuff investors and others reading your business plan will want to see.

Why is it worth the price?

You re basically buying those initials. I encourage people in this predicament to ask themselves: 'What am I waiting for? Get out there and patent it, market it, and sell it before someone comes along and steals your thunder. Manage the systems rather than controlling or doing the work.

Making telemarketing calls is a type of promotional activity

Outsourcing is a key strategy for startups. Think coaching versus teaching and telling. In branding, consistency is a basic rule to respect. Some customers want to know who they are doing business with.

Have company recruiting brochures available

The explanation is that it depends on your market and what its buyers want. Over time, companies take customers for granted, don't treat them with respect, and start thinking of them as necessary evils. No doubt you will look to choose a name that is attractive and that bears some real resemblance to your product or service, but that is only a first consideration. But most sales occur on the fifth, sixth, or seventh call.

Significant amounts of expertise are required

It is to hit the goals and project milestones. Maybe you stand for the right to education for every child around the world, or are very sensitive to gender equality. You may need to consider several funding sources. But the key word is honestly. You certainly shouldn t play down your strengths in a plan, but don t try to hide your weaknesses either.

Manufacturing is complex

While the students at the boarding-house in Andover were chaffing each other during the wait for breakfast, Joseph Cook would turn to a big dictionary in one corner of the room and look out a word. Written systems that are trained, monitored, and tracked allow people to understand exactly what is expected of them on an ongoing basis. Over the last twenty years, the economy has created a stress on pricing and profits. If you have outstanding consumer debt, pay it off sooner rather than later.