Searchers generally think that visibility is equal to relevance, so showing up on the first page of a search engine can help to create a strong brand image for your company. Just like you should interview others, seize opportunities to be interviewed, no matter how small the audience is. The 5-600 words that take you 15-20 minutes can turn into a few highly authoritative contextual links. Additionally, check your server logs to find 4xx errors that ContentKing may not be monitoring, and check Google Search Console to see if Google has hit any 4xx errors. Recognize and accept their learning curve and build some education into the job so they can fly.

Your key to success: link bait

Google will continue to crawl your website's pages and credit any improvements with a higher ranking. Don't overlook websites that don't have a "write for us" page. Not every website has one of these. They can not only help to deal with typo's, but can also ensure that your content is easily readable and that they understand the information you're trying to get across. With the evolution of digital marketing, the landscape of marketing and promotion has entirely changed.

This year will be the year of domain authority

When Google demotes your page for duplicate content practices, and there's nothing left in the way of unique content to continue ranking you for - your web pages will mostly be ignored by Google. Really good SEO is a process and it requires a detailed and well thought out plan. You cannot expect to execute quality SEO without listing out what you're going to do, documenting yourself along the way, and executing step by step. Crazy, right? Whether you're trying to get more clients for your law firm or customers to your ecommerce store selling candy, the cornerstones of good SEO remain true.

A do-it-yourself guide to page rank

A number of years ago, Google started helping searchers by implementing Google Suggest - still in effect today. Think of SEO as one small part of a much more cohesive marketing strategy. Fast load times aren't just essential for a great user experience - they also significantly impact search rankings. We asked an SEO Specialist, Gaz Hall, for his thoughts on the matter: "40% of all sales could be online by 2020."

Is this the end of keyword stuffing as we know it?

In order to write the best article about a specific subject, do your research and check what articles are already ranking high in Google, for your keywords. Mobile is becoming more popular every year. It can take months to see a real impact from SEO, and if your site is fairly new (ie. you just launched and have little to no content), it will take even longer to see noticeable results. A tool that is useful for keeping track of your character count is Nightbird.