If you don't know your direct cost numbers, it's next to impossible to ever make any money! Large, multinational businesses have capabilities that small, local businesses do not, but small businesses also perform important economic functions. And the kinds of people who discover the right business are often those who are willing to go to a lot of trouble to find good opportunities. Step out largely and conspicuously.

Stick to the important processes

Why not? Successful business owners who move from a micromanaging role into a leadership one can build successful companies. Essentially, it s all about you. If you re starting a courier service and your partner has an anthropology degree from a little-known school, mention it but don t make a big deal out of it.

Opening and closing procedures for the Marketing Department

Some of the richest people in the world made their money buying Microsoft stock when it was only $10 per share, and then sat back and waited for it to grow in value. Now, thanks to the proliferation of social networking and online media, paid-for advertising is in crisis and free is not only possible, it is expected. So they start their business and seek a better way to make a living. It is a document that tells the story of what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

It?s not what we do once in a while that shapes our business, but what we do consistently

Leaders realize that they get what they expect. For each piece of equipment, add the purchase price, interest, maintenance, gas and oil, service, tires, repairs, insurance, storage, rent, and mobilization costs over the life of the item. Seek advice. If another entrepreneur shares the same target audience, but offers products or services that are complementary to yours (not in direct competition), he or she could write an article on your blog subtly presenting his/her company or product.

Always deliver more than expected

When you have a fortune, you can share it and give back to others. Use marketing materials that stand out, have bright company uniforms, and drive clean, professionally painted vehicles. Enthusiasm moves stones. That gives you a chance to differentiate yourself explicitly, pointing out that you ll be dealing only in locally produced foods which the superstore doesn t carry but many of its customers may want.

Be Direct with your Strategy

Start by deciding which type of investment you are most comfortable with. Is that what you want? There s a reason Peyton Manning makes millions of dollars a year from endorsements. When you don't have company standards and systems, you rely on each person to do things the way he or she thinks is best.