Stocks are a form of equity ownership. When you re building a business, however, it s not all about you anymore; it s about them. Another subtler component of branding is your tone of voice. What adjectives would you like people to use to describe you, your company, and your product?

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Do whatever it takes. Hiring and keeping good people starts with crafting a great place to work that attracts and retains the best people available. The structure of a company s relationships is likely to take the form of a small number of close, complex relationships between counterparts that are individually significant for each other and a larger number of more distant, less intense, less adaptive and less critical relationships. However, it has never been as easy to become an entrepreneur as it is today.

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You'll find that your employee burden rate can vary by 20 percent or more for each employee. (If you're not presently working for one of those good companies, you have plenty of choices to choose from.) So update your resume and keep improving your work ethic. A rookie mistake is to make assumptions. Owning a business that works without your constant attention, goes up in value, reduces debt, and produces a positive cash-flow and profit can also qualify as a wealth-building asset.

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Most small business owners and managers think of themselves as hard workers instead of leaders. The owner manages the systems'instead of doing the work. Recognize that investors want the opportunity to cash out or exit. The systemized company produces the same consistent results every time.

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As you train, ask if the employees completely understand. Here are the rules of an old merchant which he would take for his guidance were he to start anew in business: Enumerate the entire number of heads of families in the town, village, ward, or neighborhood where you purpose to begin business. Remember, training is not an informational meeting or a lecture from the boss. Your extra investment of time will significantly improve your chances for funding.The process of writing your business plan helps you take a thorough, careful, and comprehensive look at the most important facets of your business, including the contexts in which it operates.

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Wealth-building assets create regular positive cash-flow, reduce debt, and are passive instead of needing constant attention and supervision. (That s doubly true if, as is the case with many entrepreneurs, both descriptions apply to you.) Collateral is just something the banker can seize and sell to get back some or all of the money you ve borrowed in the event that everything goes wrong and you can t pay it back with profits from operations. Prior work experience in a related field is something many investors look for. You must break down the work flow into small, incremental steps that will ensure that the end results are accomplished.